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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads. They can work effectively in a campaign by themselves or alongside a digital-marketing campaign. … Because direct mail is more likely to get read, it increases your brand awareness, even if the first letter is unsuccessful.

We partner with you to find the best possible solution for your campaign We work with you all the way from beginning to end trying to find the best solution for campaign success. The best equipment and the most detailed knowledge cannot take the place of a partner who helps you find the solution that is right for your project.

No, we have daily collections from all the major postal providers who trunk the completed work directly into the mainstream sorting offices speeding deliver times up.

Aside from mailing we offer a huge range of on-site services including Digital Printing, Litho Printing, Data management & Mail merging and all forms of print finishing including booklet making, laminating, perforating and much much more.

We are OCR and Mailmark accredited and will always look at the opportunities available to your mail piece to obtain the best postal discounts passing these savings back to you.

It is said Direct Mail is still the most effective form of targeting for obtaining responses. Every campaign is different and produces different results, however the statistics state that on average you get a 5% – 10% response from a good mailing piece.

This depends on the campaign really, postcards and mailers are great for a targeted exhibition audience, tabbed and personalised mailers are great for those special items to catch the eye, envelopes with colour attract attention and are more likely to be opened more quickly, and multiple data prompts in your letters / mailing piece make it more personal.

We take data very seriously and follow GDPR guidance set out by the DMA. Once we have finished with your data, we store it on our secure server for a maximum of 3 months then it is deleted from our systems. We will delete data straight after the mailing or hold for longer periods if our customers request us to do so.

Mailing wise yes, however It would be easy to answer yes to everything being done in house but the truth is its impossible for anyone to do this. We offer a vast range of services of which are completed in house but from time to time we need a little help from our trusted suppliers

These days you can pretty much personalise any item, of any shape or design. Inkjetting those cards and envelopes or personalising the letters then guillotining or folding to whatever size you project desires.

No, we will give you the same level of service if its 1 letter or 100,000 letters. We pride ourselves on offering that personalised service to our clients from start to finish and beyond.

In short, the answer is yes, in fact we love to see our clients any day of the week even if its just because you were in the area, the kettle will always be on.

Our reputation speaks volumes for itself, this is due to our honesty and no-nonsense approach with our clients. If we do not think we can achieve a target we will always advise at the beginning what we think is a realistic target before going the extra mile to try and achieve better results.

Yes, we offer a good range of data cleaning options using PAF Software.

Follow the Upload files link at the bottom of our website to send us your artwork, data and templates, this is sent direct to our secure server for us to pull in onto our internal systems

From time to time we complete mailings with stamps for the more personal touch but in general we print postal indicia’s to the final mail piece.

No question in Direct Mail and Printing is ever silly even if the answer seems obvious there could always be a better alternative so go ahead just ask..

No, we use several downstream access providers to despatch the mailings and Royal Mail do the final deliver, this enables us to get better rates to pass on those savings to our customers.

Yes, we certainly do, we can store your items securely and send out as and when requested.

Every piece is different from personalised postcards or self-mailers to multiple items in envelopes or polythene with a carrier sheet or personalised letter. Each mailing piece will be having a specific target audience.

We can print from A6 up to A3.

We can print single sided, double sided and multi-page documents.

Yes, we can post items all over the world, we use various postal providers to get the best postage rates available.

Yes, we can offer a full print service in house, reducing delays and transport costs involved.

We will always try our best to make savings for you where we can and may even be able a provide an alternative option which could save you money.

Yes, this is something we feel that we specialise in. No job will ever be too small.

We have a specialised team that handle these projects that can’t get fulfilled by machine, so we can add any item you like, you would be surprised some of the products we have been asked to add into a mailing before.

Accordion ContentYes, you can personalise as many items as you like.

Yes, we will always work to your needs and what suits best for you.

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